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Should Scotland have a Mediation Act? The Irish Experience

I had the pleasure of attending an address by the President of The Mediation Institute of Ireland, Sabine Walsh on 4 December 2017 at the Scottish Mediation Network headquarters in Edinburgh. The subject was the Republic of Ireland’s passing into law on 2 October 2017 of its own Mediation Act 2017. This was the culmination

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Co-Mediation in Commercial Disputes – how it works (and it does!)

I write this blog based on my personal experience as a co-mediator, having taken part in significant levels of commercial mediation over the last year. Topics have covered a wide variety of business disputes, including commercial lender/commercial developer; power utility contracts; commercial agency contracts governed by EU legislation; partnership disputes amongst doctors and schedules of

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All About Mediation

I am a mediator but I have also practised as a litigation lawyer in court since 1993. As a mediator I specialise in the field of legal disputes-in particular commercial disputes employment/employee disputes and personal injury disputes Mediation is a far faster means of resolving disputes than going to court. It is also a more