A Wake-Up Call for Mediation!

Mediation Ethics: from Theory to Practice by Rachael Field and Jonathan Crowe, is, despite its low-key title, a refreshing, challenging and for mediation, controversial book-it deserves your attention. Self-Determination, Informed Consent and Professionalism are the Primary Principles which should underpin Mediation in the Modern Age. In this new Mediation Ethic – Neutrality and Impartiality need

Mediate 2 Rehabilitate: Mediation in Personal Injury/Clinical Negligence Cases

Posted by Paul Kirkwood Law Society of Scotland Specialist Accredited Commercial Mediator and Litigation Solicitor with commentary by Philip Grundy, Barrister, Recorder and Mediator. Last year an old friend and collaborator of mine, Philip Grundy got in touch to invite me to speak as a headline contributor at a conference he was organising on the

Counter Attitudinal Advocacy & Managing Conflict Styles: Practical Application in Workplace Mediation

Not long before the world as we know it changed dramatically as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, I was instructed by a law firm to mediate a workplace dispute between two directors of a large company. Let’s call them Senior and Junior. The HR head decided it was too hot to handle internally, and