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Should Scotland have a Mediation Act? The Irish Experience

I had the pleasure of attending an address by the President of The Mediation Institute of Ireland, Sabine Walsh on 4 December 2017 at the Scottish Mediation Network headquarters in Edinburgh. The subject was the Republic of Ireland’s passing into law on 2 October 2017 of its own Mediation Act 2017. This was the culmination

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Co-Mediation in Commercial Disputes – how it works (and it does!)

I write this blog based on my personal experience as a co-mediator, having taken part in significant levels of commercial mediation over the last year. Topics have covered a wide variety of business disputes, including commercial lender/commercial developer; power utility contracts; commercial agency contracts governed by EU legislation; partnership disputes amongst doctors and schedules of

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All About Mediation

I am a mediator but I have also practised as a litigation lawyer in court since 1993. As a mediator I specialise in the field of legal disputes-in particular commercial disputes employment/employee disputes and personal injury disputes Mediation is a far faster means of resolving disputes than going to court. It is also a more

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Why Mediate in Personal Injury Cases?

This post, ‘Why Mediate in Personal Injury Cases‘, was first published in the November 2017 edition of Collaborate, Issue No 106, the In-House Journal of the Scottish Mediation Network. It explains how mediation can really help assist in the resolution of Personal Injury claims  – to the benefit of all participants. I practised as a

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Education Disputes Mediation for Parents and Children

Recently I wrote a Legal Masters (LLM) dissertation about mediation between parents, children and young persons on the one hand, and local education authorities (LEAs) in Scotland on the other. It is entitled ‘How is Mediation Conducted in the Shadow of the Law? Additional Support Needs Mediation in Scotland’ and you can read it in